TeamKCT Book Coming to Amazon!



Hey TeamKCT!

It’s Bryan. I know it’s been awhile since we last connected, but I promise I haven’t been sitting idle. Though I’m certainly still walking through the undulating torrents of my own grief journey, I’ve initiated a project I pray will give hope and encouragement to other grieving hearts all over the world.

My blog, which I call Confessions of a Widower, has garnered nearly 30,000 views in its first three weeks – a poignant testament to the reality that pain is universal. In the blog, I explore various grief-related topics in an attempt to answer one of humanity’s toughest questions:

How do I live life like a fairytale, when it feels more like a tragedy?

Kailen had a beautiful, indomitable spirit unlike any person I’ve ever known. Which is why I’ve distilled all the lessons she taught me, all the love we shared, and all the life we lived into a book. I’ve titled it Even if you don’t, a phrase that Kailen lived out with awe-inspiring faith and courage.

You can read my blog here: Bryan C. Taylor Blog

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I try to publish a new post every Thursday night! I’m honored to share my struggle with you! And as I always say at the end of each post, if you find it helpful or meaningful, please share it with others that might need it.

The book is set to publish on Amazon in February 2018! I will be posting updates on my blog, and as I mentioned before, my monthly newsletter will have both the latest updates and exclusive offers related to the book.

Until next time, I’ll leave you with this quote from Kailen. It epitomizes her immutable faith and forms the foundational tenets of the book you’ll read in February!

“Even if God didn’t do all of these miracles, I knew I was going to be better off for believing. Even if He didn’t, God would still have a plan. Even if He didn’t, I was still going to believe, and ask, and expect miracles.”

My prayers are with you, TeamKCT. And as Kailen and I said so many times – thank you for your incredible support!

I can’t wait to share our story with you in February.


In His Grip,



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