Meet Kailen

Kailen Combs Taylor

Kailen needs your help in her fight against breast cancer!She loves God, her family and the UK Wildcats!

Her health journey began in 2002, at the age of 12, with what was thought to be a stomach virus but turned out to be E. Coli food poisoning. Over the next couple of years, Kailen went through various medical testing and tried multiple medications but nothing seemed to completely address the health issues.

In 2005, at the age of 15, through an EGD colonoscopy, Kailen was diagnosed with an inflammatory bowel disease called Ulcerative Colitis (UC) and began taking several daily medications along with making major diet changes.

In  2008,  at  the age of 18,  Kailen was diagnosed  with  a rare, anatomic  disorder called  May-Thurner Syndrome as well as a blood clotting disorder called Lupus Anticoagulant. These were found after a blood clot that had formed in her pelvis broke loose, went through her heart, and into both lungs. This resulted in multiple surgical procedures where a stent was placed in her left common iliac vein and a permanent filter was placed in her inferior vena cava. This was also the beginning of life on daily blood thinning medication.

In early 2012, while receiving an IV infusion treatment for UC, Kailen went into anaphylactic shock. This IV medication was the final treatment option for Kailen concerning UC. The UC was then labeled as “failure to respond to treatment” and plans were made to have her entire colon removed in January of 2013.

However, in September 2012, at the age of 22, colon removal was put on hold when, after finding a lump in one of her breasts, Kailen was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer with Bone Metastases. Since the diagnosis, Kailen has undergone many chemotherapy treatments and is fighting the battle with cancer with a very positive attitude and full of faith.

Recently, Kailen’s oncologist and gastroenterologist determined it is critical for her to be seen at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, where a team of specialists can address the many health issues she faces.

Kailen has been accepted to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota and that is where the next leg of her journey will take her. Keep up with Kailen via her twitter hashtag #teamKCT or right here on her website.


15 thoughts on “Meet Kailen

  1. #TeamKCT Kailen, you have always been such an inspiration through the time I have known you. You have such a beautiful humbled spirit. Keep the faith and trust the Great Physician, as I know you do! You’re beautiful! Love you!

  2. Wow Kailen I didn’t realize everything you had gone through. I just wanted to let you know you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!

  3. Hey Kailen,
    This is Debbie Wilson (Jared’s mom). I am sorry to learn of all of your health issues. You are one strong young lady. I was a patient at Mayo a couple of years ago. Just wanted you to know what a wonderful place it is. I was very impressed with its expertise and efficiency throughout the entire process. It is amazing the amount of medical information they can gather about you in a very short period of time. My husband, Dave, and I stayed at a little place called Guest House. They ran a shuttle service to and from the clinic several times a day. Please know you are in my prayers for a very successful trip and that you come back with many answers and treatments for your illnesses. Stay strong! (tell your mom hi for me)

  4. I wish i had gotten to know you better in school. I had no idea you had gone through all of that. It is amazing that you were still such a positive person. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Keep that strong positive attitude.

  5. Blessings to you Kailen! Our family has had you in our prayers and we send our love to you! We know first hand that the Mayo Clinic can do wonderful things! Safe travels and stay strong in your faith!
    Philippians 4:13 – I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

    Love from all the Bradys – Mike, Christine, Alison & Teddy

  6. Kailen, you have been such an inspiration to me with your faith and beautiful smile! I wish our families lived closer to each other. We love you all and will keep you in our prayers.

  7. Kailen,
    You always have been an inspiration to those who know you. We will pray for your quick recovery and return to normal day to day life.

    Mark Robson

  8. #TeamKCT praying for your trip and time at Mayo! Safe travels tomorrow and know that you are being prayed for all over the place! the bluegrass will miss you while you’re gone! thank you very much for putting up this blog – i/we are honored to be able to pray for your specific needs throughout this healing process! thanks for being such a beautiful, Godly inspiration- you’re a rockstar.

    Kristi (& Ry)

  9. Kailen,
    My husband and I are apart of your Uncle Jay and Aunt Julie’s Sunday school class at Spencer Christian Church. We have been and will continue to lift you up in our prayers. Keep your eyes on Jesus, For He is behind you, in front of you and standing beside you holding your hand as you walk through this journey. I thank God for your faith and your witness! May He continue to increase your strength and faith as He the Master Physicain heals you!

    Bob & Julie Sleep

  10. Kailen,
    We do not know each other, but Eldred and Sandra Black and I went to school together and are close friends. Sandra sent me this. You are an inspiration to all of us and I will keep you in my daily thoughts and prayers. With God, all things are possible and He is the Great Physician. May He grant you comfort, strength and healing. Freddie Barnard

  11. praying for a quick recovery I will continue to lift you up in prayer just trust god he can do healing just remember phillipians 4:13 I can do all things through christ which strengtheneth me

  12. Kailen, We just met you and Bryan at Cracker Barrel tonight. It was not until I got home that I realized the name of the young man that said I was his Sunday school teacher! Then through some friends from Beaver Dam we learned of your blog. You both will be in our prayers. You are an inspiration! We are signing up on the email list and want you to contact us if there is anything that you need while in Lexington. God Bless you both! Wayne Brown

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